Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipstick

Hourglass Rogue Opaque


(From top to bottom: Canvas, Rose, Ballet)

I took a gamble the other day at Mecca when I picked up the Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipstick in Rose. This was my first liquid lipstick experience, and to be honest, I was a little skeptical – I didn’t see any difference between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss, and to be honest I hadn’t had many good experiences with the latter. My entire lip product experience has been revolutionised as a result of this product. It changed my life so quickly that I promptly went back to the stores to pick up two more colours: Canvas and Ballet. So why the sudden change? 

First and foremost, the most important thing that I look for in a lip product is that it’s long lasting, and these lipsticks certain ticks this box in a BIG way! One application lasts all morning through eating and drinking and talking. The formula even distributes and doesn’t fade in a weird way where the outline of the lip stays pigmented, but the inside has disappeared.

The formula is super smooth and creamy, but also incredibly light. The amazing thing about the lipstick is that it also sets matte, so it doesn’t look tacky.

Hourglass Opaque Rogue 2

(From left to right: Canvas, Rose, Ballet)

I also love the range of colours, and especially love the colours that I have in my collection. Canvas, the most versatile colour, is a dusty rose that is ‘your lips but better’ and very natural looking. Rose is my favourite colour and, like the name suggests, it is a medium rose colour. Finally, Ballet is a beautiful vivid pink and is perfect for summer.

These Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipsticks are a game changer for me, and I would love to extend my collection to other colours.

Have you had any experience with these liquid lipsticks or others that you can recommend?

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