A Fresh and Clean Start to 2015

Pure Glow Cleanse

Many people make New Years resolutions, and yes, I’m no different. I have set myself the task of eating better, cutting out the rubbish, and getting fit. The usual stuff. Along my travels, I came across a Perth company called the Pure Glow Cleanse, which offers juices and detox programs to cleanser the mind and body. But I wasn’t too quick to jump on the juice detox bandwagon, so I decided to do my homework.The particular program that I was looking at was the 3-Day Pure Glow Cleanse, consisting of 18 x 540ml cold-pressed juices, smoothies and nut milks consumed over a 3-day period. The program claims that the cleanse will leave you feeling energised, flood your body with nutrients from high-quality fruit and veggies, and kickstart new healthy habits once the cleanse is complete. I admit, I was skeptical: the idea of forgoing food for three days and only drinking juices to fulfil your daily requirements seemed unreasonable – at least if you don’t want to starve yourself. And truth be told, I wasn’t planning on doing this cleanse to starve myself skinny.

Before committing to the detox program I wanted to do my research to see if the claims stacked up. Everything that I found, unfortunately led me to the same conclusion- detoxing your body isn’t as simple as drinking 6 juices a day for three days, in fact the idea of being able to “detox” your body is unfounded. I admit, I was disappointed – I loved the idea of simply drinking my way healthy (cheating, you could say). Simply put, from what I read the idea of depriving your food for three days was likely to lead you down a less healthy path than a healthy one. The idea of a juice cleanse was just a fad. I was disheartened.

Nevertheless, I still decided to take the plunge. Why? I had an idea in mind. I planned on cutting my meals back to three substantial meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and a snack, ensuring that I made conscious decisions about what I was eating and maximising my nutrients and minerals to ensure that I was still eating a balanced diet. After all, I wasn’t setting out to starve myself.

Day one of the cleanse I got a little ahead of myself. I thought my little detox would be easier than expected so I decided to completely cut out all food and just have the juices. It started great – I was feeling motivated and buoyant. It wasn’t until about 8pm that night that the “side-effects” of the detox began to hit. I was headachy and queasy. Altogether I wasn’t feeling so great. I knew this would happen and although others doing the detox were accepting this side-effect, I wasn’t- this wasn’t what I signed up for.

Day two, I knew that I had to eat, so I stuck to my plan and things began to look great. I love the juices, and I was feeling much better. It was about halfway though day three when something happened. Something clicked in my mind. I no longer craved fast food or rubbish, in fact the thought of it made me sick.

Now that I’ve been out of the “detox” for a couple of days I am pleased to see that I’m still continuing down my path of healthy eating. I’m actually shocked to see how my routine and diet has changed. I didn’t expect such a great change in my life, as crazy as it sounds. I have increased my daily food intake but I still make conscious decisions everyday- after all what I put into my body is what fuels my body and mind to keep moving onwards and upwards. And the good news is that I haven’t had takeaway or soft drink in over a week and I’m not even complaining! So far, my new years resolutions are going pretty well, but I hope to keep you all updated as a way to keep my own motivation up too.

What are your new years resolutions? Do you have any ideas or tips to keep motivated and stay healthy?

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  1. I’ve been on a smoothie/juicing kick as well. It does make you feel healthier! Glad your New Year’s Resolutions are going well.


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