January Favourites

January Favourites

The end of January sure has come around quickly, and now we have entered the second month of the year! How has this happened so fast? With January going by in a blink of an eye I feel as though I haven’t had the opportunity to collect so many favourites for the month, but I have noticed a few products that I have been loving over the month which I have been inseparable from.

I started the month off with a late Christmas present to myself by way of an order of Charlotte Tilbury products from Net-A-Porter. Although I love everything that I received, I have been especially loving my Fallen Angel Luxury Palette and Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. I have been using these products practically every single day and I love the output. The eyeshadow palette is A-MA-ZING! The colours are beautiful, natural, and versatile; I feel like I can create numerous looks with these four simple shades. Pillow Talk has also been at my side throughout the month and I have especially loved pairing it with MACs lip lustre in Patisserie, which is a favourite amongst many beauty bloggers and YouTubers. This combination creates a flawless and neutral lip and is perfect for the office.

On the skincare front, I have been struggling with persistently blemished skin throughout January. To help combat this, I have been applying Lush’s Grease Lightning Spot Treatment as both a localised treatment for particularly annoying spots, as well as an all-over mask to keep potential spots away.

My final favourite of the month is a book favourite. I have decided to revisit an old childhood favourite — J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. I had forgotten just how magical Tolkien’s writing is and I have loved reading this book again.

What have your favourite things been in January?


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4 responses to “January Favourites

  1. ive been loving the vaseline spray moisturiser!


  2. champagneorlemonade

    Bobbi Brown sparkle eyeshadows made January a little more glamorous, they’re amazing!


  3. That MAC lippy is absolutely gorgeous – I love those soft pinky shades 🙂 Putting that on my February wish list for sure! Karen x

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  4. aislingflynn2014

    I just bought mac patisserie, oh my I am in love 😀


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