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January Favourites

January Favourites

The end of January sure has come around quickly, and now we have entered the second month of the year! How has this happened so fast? With January going by in a blink of an eye I feel as though I haven’t had the opportunity to collect so many favourites for the month, but I have noticed a few products that I have been loving over the month which I have been inseparable from. Continue reading


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Three Minute Makeup

Three Minute Makeup

Some morning I just don’t have the time or energy to fuss around with elaborate makeup looks, but I still want to look as though I have my life together and haven’t just rolled out of bed. For those days, my go-to east makeup look usually consists of the follow foolproof products. I have chosen these products for their versatility and ease of application. Continue reading

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A Bite of MAC


For some reason it took me a very long time to purchase my first MAC product. Maybe it was because I always felt overwhelmed walking into the store or slightly intimidated by the high regard that the brand has within the beauty community. Reasons aside, I overcame my inhibitions and purchased my first two MAC products – and boy was I excited to pop my MAC cherry! Continue reading


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